Mastering the mini break

Mastering the mini break

How to plan the perfect weekend getaway

We all need a little time off every now and again, and a mini break is the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries ahead of a busy working week.
Whether two days or four days, at home or abroad, here’s how to plan the perfect mini break and ensure your next weekend away is one to remember.

Home or away?
Your first big decision: do you stay in the UK, or head somewhere more exotic? With Europe just a stone’s throw away a cheap weekend abroad is always an option, but if you’re looking for something a little closer to home, the mini break lends itself perfectly to a staycation. There are so many beautiful locations to explore on your very own doorstep that a weekend break in the UK is often the perfect choice. Staying closer to home is usually cheaper than travelling overseas, and the journey will be shorter, too – meaning you have more time to relax.

What to do
Let’s narrow it down further. Do you fancy a London city break, or a luxurious spa weekend in Scotland? Is a romantic trip to York on the cards, or would you prefer a back-to-nature retreat in the beautiful Surrey Hills? They’re all great options, but if you want to really relax before it’s back to work again, you can’t beat a spa weekend. Britain has some of the most stunning spa towns on Earth: Cheltenham, Harrogate, Leamington and of course Bath, so pick your favourite destination and head off on a well-deserved weekend’s pampering.

Packing your bags
Weekend breaks aren’t about slumming it, so pack light but well. You’ll need to strike a balance between looking good and feeling good – so as well as your favourite dress or your sharpest shirt, remember to pack an extra warm layer and a wet weather option, too. The right shoes are vital, too – those heels might look great, but exploring a new city means a lot of time spent on your feet. And your laptop? Leave it at home.

Last but not least, you need some luggage that looks the part.

Mastering the mini break
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